5 Barbados Excursions You Didn’t Know About

By Holly Johnson

A few weeks ago, I went to Barbados to enjoy the annual Barbados Food & Rum Festival. I ate a ton of delicious food and drank a lot of rum for sure, but I also made time to explore parts of the island I didn’t get to see the last time we went to Barbados, when we stayed at Waves Resort & Spa.

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Barbados is easily one of my top three favorite Caribbean islands. The people are friendly, the island is safe, and the beaches are insane with barely lapping crystal clear water and powder white sand.

Of course, there’s more to Barbados than just its beaches, which is what this post is about. Here are 5 Barbados excursions you’ve probably never heard of:

PEG Farm and Nature Reserve

High up in the hills of Barbados sits the PEG Farm and Nature Reserve. This natural retreat boasts amazing views of the Barbados coast, lush greenery, happily farmed animals from pigs to chickens, and access to lots of local flora and fauna. You can learn all about the fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in Barbados at the farm, take a tour, or have a picnic.

Coco Hill Forest

Coco Hill Forest is still being built up, but it has big plans for the future. This property boasts all kinds of organic and local fruits, vegetables, and herbs, with plans for farm-to-table dining in the future. Currently, you can have a picnic, hike through the lush forest and hills, and search for local herbs for a fresh meal.

Harrison’s Cave Barbados

Harrison’s Cave of Barbados offers an underground cave experience you won’t soon forget. Climb and hike through caverns filled with deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns. You can do a 3.5 hour hike through the caves or take a tram ride down to its depths.

Swimming with Turtles

While Barbados is world renowned for their snorkeling, a lot of people don’t know just how many sea turtles call the waters around Barbados home. The island’s crystal clear waters make getting up close with wildlife easy and safe, and numerous tour operators offer turtle swimming excursions with pickups all over the island.

Mount Gay Rum Tour

You can’t really experience Barbados without seeing how its most famous beverage, Mount Gay Rum, is made. Distillery tours are offered in various packages, with and without lunch, and with various tasting adventures. Tour start at $20 and even the lowest level tiers include a tasting of some of Mount Gay’s famous rums. You must be eighteen or older to take the tour.

What is your favorite excursion in Barbados? Have you ever done any of the tours on this list?

5 Barbados Excursions You Didn’t Know About