Barbados updates visa entry requirements

Barbados has updated the visa entry requirements for nationals of India, Brazil and South Africa seeking to travel to Barbados effective May 19th, 2021.

Persons seeking to travel to Barbados on passports from these countries are required to apply for entry visas; whether single or multiple prior to arrival. The visa process takes approximately 10 working days.

A person, who is desirous of travelling to Barbados should first submit an application for processing and be granted permission to travel to Barbados prior to booking and confirmation of travel. This type of visa is a pre-requisite to seek entry into Barbados, however, does not guarantee entry.

The visa application process will include submissions of:

  • One (1) passport size photograph
  • Copies of outer cover and biometric page of the passport
  • Application fees:
    • Single Entry ——- US$107.00 (Permission to make one (1) entry within a three-month period)
    • Multiple Entry —— US$211.00. (Permission to make numerous entries within a six-month period.)

For further information and other materials required for a successful visa application please visit https://immigration.gov.bb for more information please.

All persons traveling from or transiting through these jurisdictions within the last 21 days must visit: https://www.visitbarbados.org/covid-19-travel-guidelines-2020 for information on the travel protocols required for these countries.

Barbados updates visa entry requirements