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Tourism is a global marketplace. Traditional experiences are now duplicated across the globe with new non-traditional market players entering the fray, creating a heightened competitive environment. It is within and because of this paradigm shift that it becomes imperative for Barbados to differentiate itself from its competition, utilising effective marketing tools to promote a consistent and identifiable brand. Consistency will be achieved through coordinated and structured strategies that apply across all geographic locations.

Colorful as much as it is gracious, Barbados distills its unique blend of West African and Caribbean culture together with its elegant British heritage. Giving it a flavor unlike any other destination in the world. Whether your desire is to plan a memorable family vacation or sportsman’s escape, romantic getaway or business trip, Barbados offers a diverse and dynamic cross-section of things to do, places to be and wonders to enjoy.The quality of the services, infrastructure and products that are provided as part of the tourism industry are vital to the success of any travel destination. Visitors traveling to Barbados will arrive by air or sea transport services, and then rely on ground transportation services to traverse the island during their stay. They will spend their holiday in an accommodation property, (e.g. infrastructure including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, private villas, etc.), and they will experience products and participate in activities that include dining, shopping, sports, and attractions, each of which can be the focus of specific niche market development. All of these aspects make up a total holiday experience, the quality of which will determine whether the island can deliver hospitality and services that surpass its competitors.

Barbados is an island with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage products ranging from historic buildings and nature sites to oral history and festivals. Since cultural heritage tourism has been found to be a major interest of the “new traveller” and a fast growing, high spending market in itself, preservation of Barbados” cultural products offers a vital opportunity for expansion of the tourism sector. The recent designation of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a UNESCO World Heritage Property is a significant achievement and invaluable to cultural heritage tourism. An important common theme shared by many destinations that have UNESCO-designated sites is a promotion of those sites and their legendary histories, while drawing attention to the cultural heritage of the destination. It is recognized that through the efforts of the Barbados Garrison Historic Consortium, several of these potential stories and legends are now being presented to both visitors and residents.

ALL travellers into Barbados, inclusive of those deemed fully vaccinated, are asked to review, and indicate their acceptance of the following:

ALL travellers must travel with an accepted valid negative COVID-19 PCR Test OR Rapid Antigen Test result.

Travellers are permitted to travel to Barbados with a valid negative Rapid COVID-19 PCR test OR Rapid Antigen test result done within 1 day prior to arrival in Barbados OR a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test result done within 3 days prior to arrival.

Accepted tests include tests which were taken at an accredited or recognized laboratory by a healthcare provider via any of the below:

  1. Nasopharyngeal sample
  2. Oropharyngeal sample
  3. Nasal sample
  4. Anterior nares sample
  5. Mid-turbinate sample

LAMP tests, self-administered tests or home kits and tests using saliva samples will NOT be accepted.

With specific reference to the type of test required and accepted for entry into Barbados:

Specific Requirements:

  1. The specimen must be taken at an accredited or recognized laboratory by a healthcare provider via any of the below: nasopharyngeal sample, oropharyngeal sample, nasal sample, anterior nares sample or mid-turbinate sample.
  2. The sample must be taken within 3 days prior to arrival for RT PCR test or 1 day prior to arrival for Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test OR Rapid Antigen Test.
  3. The laboratory performing the test must be an accredited, certified or recognized facility

Please note that the following will NOT be accepted:

  1. Shallow nasal swab samples
  2. Saliva samples
  3. Self-administered tests (even if the sample was taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider)
  4. Home kits

The COVID-19 Protocols are sanctioned by Ministry of Health and Wellness (MHW)
Last Updated : 26th February 2022,
Last Verified by MHW : 22nd February 2024

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